About Neurotrauma Society

Neurotrauma Society Jaipur is a non-profit organization registered under The Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958. The society is headed by Dr. V. D. Sinha and since its inception; the society is continuously working for prevention of head injuries, road crashes and promoting road safety. In recent years the society has contributed by conducting a number of awareness, education and training programs on road safety. The society is committed to serve the society at large for the noble and social virtue of road safety to bring down the road crash fatality rate in the state of Rajasthan.

Vision & Mission Statement

To be a torch bearer and a change agent to minimize road crash fatalities by sensitizing the society at large and to develop safe and sustainable road culture in the state.

Objective & Services

As a registered non-profit organization we promote road safety through community initiatives and participation. Our work area includes services such as:

  • Training: Training is an essential component of Road Safety. We offer specific training modules to cater different target groups.
  • Education: On the philosophy of Catch Them Young we work on delivering quality education in schools for Road Safety.
  • Awareness: Without community participation it is impossible to bring social change. Here Awareness Drives comes into the picture.
  • Policy Framework Design: We also work in framing policies, designing guidelines for making an effective workable strategies for road safety issues.
  • Advocacy: Road safety is a collaborative responsibility and it requires multiple issues to be addressed upon. We identify such issues and escalate to respective stakeholders for further action.